Winter feels like hell when the dead cold and freezing temperatures consume you alive, leaving you trembling and shaking from the low temperatures around you. Your jacket will be the most valuable item in your closet during winter and it doesn’t hurt to get the best and most fashionable one to protect yourself. The best winter jackets come from well-known brands that have proven their worth by keeping people warm during the cold seasons and these include:

  1. The Canadajacket.

Described as an extremely warm jacket, the Canada Goose brand is one of the most respected in the market today. It’s strong and heavy fabric is not just fashionable but also downright functional. It was initially made for the Northern Police to protect them from the freezing Arctic cold. This jacket is sure to keep you warm during winter.

  1. The Arc’teryx winter jacket.

This jacket has been praised for its light feel and great warmth. Weighing under two pounds, it’s simple yet fashionable design can easily fool you, but it generates an amazing amount of warmth in your body keeping you protected as well as looking stylish. This jacket is also very comfortable to wear and it feels very smooth on your body.

  1. The North Face winter jacket.

The North Face is a functional jacket designed to protect its wearers from chilling colds and brazen city winds. Although it has its shortcomings, like not being as fashionable, it still generates enough heat and its waterproof quality ensures that you stay warm even during rainy days. It has a nice feel and weight, although it is mostly recommended as a city wear. All in all, it’s still one of the best brands in the market.

  1. The Columbia Sportswear jacket.

As the name suggests, this brand is designed to battle the toughest of colds, even for the athletic. Coupled with a stylish look and a warm feel, this jacket is the best when it comes down to battling extreme weather patterns. It’s also made tough to last and has a very fashionable presence.

  1. The Patagonia winter jacket.

Made from a synthetic material, this jacket is a waterproof, well insulated and a good wind blocker. It is very practical in keeping the wearer warm during cold and rainy days, and it is very light (weighing under 1 pound) even when wet. Its synthetic feel generates heat especially when walking and is praised as one of the best brands in the market.

The jackets listed above will provide a great protection for you when winter comes. It might be very cold, a chill that will drench down your spine reaching to your bones, but with the knowledge of these jackets you don’t have to fear a thing. When winter comes, you will be ready for it.

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