Looking for the sneakers that match your liking and sense of style? Then look no further as Common Projects Sneakers has just the thing for you. Common Projects Sneakers is a designer store with a wide variety of sneakers — probably much wider than your imagination. The culture in their sale is that the customer is king and as such they consider your liking and style and moreover they understand that style is defined by your ability to create your own uniform.


Whether you’re “uniform” are tailored jackets, luxurious sweaters or even playful mini-skirts. Common Projects sneakers have just the thing to match your favorite clothing. There are various types of sneakers from which you can make a selection, and it is a guarantee that you must either fall in love with one or get stuck in a dilemma of choosing between several of them.

Common Projects has held captive sizable audience globally through its design which follow the epitome if the “Parisian Chic” as well as Gallic style. If these terms seem alien, all you need to know is that the sneaker designs are all made with a cool style, trendy knits, jewelry that is nomadic-inspired therefore making them lust-worthy to all sneaker-lovers.

Just to mention a few of the best offers of Common Projects sneakers is the list below.

Common Projects ACHILLES LOW sneakers are the type of sneaker that the mini-skirt lover will fall in love with at first sight. Having a hidden wedge, a suede upper as well as an overlay made of leather and suede, a quilted padded collar and a textured rubber sole, this sneaker will be an expression of your figure and it will be the best to match that mini-skirt of any color and it is a guarantee that no one will fail to notice.


Common Projects SLIP-ONS is simply one of a kind. The theme of “Parisian Chic” is widely emphasized in this design. It is a cool design that is a suede high top wedge sneaker with a 2.25 inch heel, lambskin leather that is perforated at the toe panel, having a pillow tongue and chevron accents on it sides. This shoe is the ultimate design sneaker that is in great demand and therefore you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to pick it up whenever you find it.


Common Projects TOURNAMENT is simply for those who rock in flat type sneakers. Your uniform could be designer jeans with a blouse or a mini-skirt with a designer top. Either way your looks will be shouting “sexy” all the way. It is a low top sneaker with white calfskin design and a logo at the counter that is metallic red in color.


Specifically if you like the details 3 a 25 mm midsole round toe sneaker with a padded collar as well as white flat shoelaces, white grommets complimented by tonal topstitching is what you specifically need to ask for to match your sense of style. In addition, it is not an entirely flat design as it has a hidden wedge to match your liking of low-top and wedge design in the most fashionable way ever.

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