Those who have seen the leather goods produced by this legendary brand in the days following the Second World War, they will know that this brand is known for its leather goods for over six decades now.


Pinko Sale was known for their legendary leather clad pipes that were much in demand by the US soldiers and army men who lined up at this Parisian store. Not many brands have survived the onslaught of time but Pinko bag has reinvented itself today as one of the leading brands in fashion accessories.

Product range


The product ranges of this brand are many and mainly encompass the wide range of bags for men and women and similar accessories which include shoes, wallets, belts and other products. They are mainly centered on leather but include variations as well.


Today Pinko bag has its branded stores and franchise outlets across the world. Its products are mainly produced in France and Italy from where it’s authentic and handmade items are exported to different stores around the world.


The focus of the brand


The main focus lies on the women’s bag collections which are highlighted on their websites as well. The different categories of handbags can be browsed through the product catalog of Pinko of the different country wise outlets. Whether one is shopping from the hobo bags or the tote bags, the cross body or the clutches, there are certain distinct features of the collections of the brand that stand out in every product that is marketed by them.

Distinct features of the bags


The hobo bags stand out with their clean, simplistic designs which have certain accents that are peculiar to the Pinko brand. For instance, the holed front flap of the bags and the chain links on the strap are distinctive style elements of this brand.


The tote bags are unique and simple bag designs that come simply with the brand logo and textured leather finishes which highlight the quality of the material.


All bag designs of the Pinko brand, whether they are designed for men or women, have simple, clean lines which showcase the material more than any design feature. The quality of the leather speaks for itself in the products of Pinko.

Online shopping advantages


It is easy to shop at any of the different country wise outlets of the brand. One can simply browse through the different categories and select the item they want. Delivery options vary between the different countries.


There are different customer privileges that are offered on the site. The purchase of gift cards is a great option which allows one to share the opportunity of shopping at these branded outlets with others. Regular customers can also seek a personalized bag to be created for them or order one for their loved one. That is a unique perk of shopping at the various Pinko outlets online.

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